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ReservoirSocks™: The Original and Leading Brand of Motorcycle Brake and Clutch Reservoir Covers

  • Give your motorcycle a personal touch with wide range of colors and styles to choose from
  • Fully embroidered logos onto our ReservoirSocks™
  • Manufactured using high quality Terry Cotton
  • Best quality on the market
  • Fit for purpose, made specifically to fit brake and clutch reservoirs
  • Designed for each bike manufacturer
  • Also known as gp bands, gp sleeves, wrist bands etc.
  • All World Superbike, World Supersport, British Superbike, AMA & Moto GP have these socks fitted

What are they for?
  • Traps and absorbs brake fluid that's vented from the brake and clutch reservoirs
  • Prevents brake fluid from getting on your helmet and/or your motorcycle, damaging paint and corroding metals
  • A number of race tracks ask racers to cover their reservoirs as they also assist in containing any brake fluid that may be spilled onto the track in the event of an unfortunate accident
  • Keeps direct sunlight off of the brake and clutch reservoirs
  • Prevents break down and discoloration of your brake fluid and plastic reservoirs caused by suns damaging UV rays